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Red Island is a beach Banyuwangi

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Red Island is a beach and attractions in the District Pesanggaran, Banyuwangi. This beach is known as a small green hill red earthy located near the shoreline. This hill can be visited by foot during low tide. There is also the temple where Hindu residents there performing the ceremony Mekiyis. The tourist area is managed by Perum Perhutani Unit II of East Java, KPH South Banyuwangi.

Red Island name refers to a small hill at the edge of the beach that has a height of about 200 meters . The hill has a red ground and covered by green vegetation so as not to seem original color . This hill can be accessed at low tide .beach tourismThe tourists renting umbrellas along the coast of the Red IslandRed Island white sandy beach stretches three kilometers so it is also suitable for families . However , the waves are high enough Red Island is not very suitable for use with swimming , especially for small children .surfingWaves in the Red Island is quite challenging and became one of the ideal places for surfing enthusiasts . The waves at this beach is quite high ranging from 3-5 meters and is suitable for lovers of surfing sports ( surfing ) . According to local residents , tourists from France , Germany , and Australia often visit this place .INSA President or the Association of Surfing Indonesia , Jro Made Supatra Karang , said that the scenery and waves in the tourist area of Red Island is one of the best in Indonesia .

"I 've traveled the world and seen many beaches in the country , but have never seen a beach as beautiful as the Red Island . First time visiting here , I was instantly amazed".

"In addition to great waves for surfing , the presence of a cluster of islands also adds to its beauty . Going forward , the Red Island could become a mainstay of Banyuwangi destination. "According Jro Made , Beach advantages compared Plengkung Red Island , among others, the waves can be a destination novice surfers amateurs, and professionals with an average of the level of two meters . Unlike the beach Plengkung or G-Land that can only be enjoyed by professional surfers. In addition , Red Pulo also more accessible with smooth roads and close to population centers. Basic beach that does not have many corals also safer for surfers . Compared to Kuta Beach waves , the waves of the Red Pulo more serious that allow the surfer to maneuver in it.

International surfing competitionOn May 24 to May 26, 2013 surfing contest held in Red Island , which Banyuwangi International Surf Competition 2013, which was followed by 15 countries . [ 1Lomba surfing consists of 3 categories, namely international , national category , and local categories .Indonesian Surfing Association ( INSA ) assess international surfing competitions held by the Government of the District of Banyuwangi , East Java , in the Red Island Beach , will further popularize the attraction to people of the world .International surfing competition at Red Island Beach opened Affairs Roy , attended by 25 participants from 20 countries and more than 100 local surfers from various regions in Indonesia .Banyuwangi Regent , Anwar Abdullah Anas , said the international surfing competition is one of the major agenda designed to combine sports activities region by tourism. Selection of Red Island Beach as a new destination for the tourist destination in Banyuwangi , due to the potential waves and pristine natural support and very nice . During this time , the international professional surfers have known through the beauty of the waves in Banyuwangi Plengkung Beach or better known as " G - Land " .

" Last year we have started to roll out an international bicycle race " Tour de Ijen " to introduce the tourist area of the crater . For this year , we are focused to promote beach tourism by holding international surfing competitions . "
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