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Our company will provide a service that is very satisfying for all of our guests, so you feel free use our services, as customer satisfaction is our primary goal.

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Name: Ketut Rai Suarnata

Call: Rai
Age: 41 years.
worked as a tour guide and driver had nearly 18 years, from domestic to international guests had never used her services. experience in guiding tourists, very honest and professional. very polite to give an explanation to all the guests. always ensure the safety of you and your luggage. and always make a vacation on our clients is very impressive.

Name: I Nyoman Warpinda

Call: Pinda
Age: 43 years
worked as a tour guide and driver was nearly 20 years old, honest and hardworking, experienced in handling guests from domestic to international. polite and very plexible. master the English language well, experienced serving tour bali, Java and Lombok. responsible for the safety of all guests, both physical and luggage. always help any guest complaints, making all our clients memorable.

Name: Tut De

Age: 28 years
worked as a tour guide and the driver almost 5 years, having worked at one company in Japan for 3 years. fluent in English and Japanese languages. very humble and funny, honest and polite, responsible with the job. always provide the best service for all our guests. responsibility to provide safety for all our guests.

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Bali Tour Guide and Driver

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